5 mins with…Tony Gooley, Graphic Designer

Tony Gooley, from Tony Gooley Design, is a graphic design expert with extensive experience working with clients such as Ray White Commercial, Bligh Tanner Engineers, and Cox Rayner Architects. We sat down with Tony to get his thoughts on how architects can maintain a competitive edge to their visual branding.


What are you working on at the moment?

We’ve had a great start to the year and we’re particularly enjoying working on a profile document for Ray White Commercial, which will be customised and printed for every Commercial office in Australia and Asia. We’re also working on the rebranding of Place Design Group, which started as collaboration with Lindy Johnson and her team, who conducted a detailed market study in preparation for our work — which is always the basis of a great brief.


What’s one of the biggest mistakes you see architecture and design businesses make when it comes to their websites and marketing collateral?
Good photographers can make works of architecture and design look outstanding, which positively influences client perception and behaviour. From this we can also say that using poor photography is going to negatively impact on the firm’s perceived capabilities. So we suggest going the extra mile and using great photographers to beautifully document your projects and work environment.


How important is graphic design and how can architecture and design businesses stand out from the crowd?
Standing out from the crowd means defining your business through a clear competitive advantage. Customers use websites to review a firm’s capabilities, and they often make quick assessments about a company from this information. In a market where many firms are competing for the same projects, firms should have a clear understanding of their point of difference to give prospective clients a reason to call them. Graphic design leverages these advantages, provides clarity of information and creates strong connections with customers.


What trends should we look out for in 2014?
Video is starting to take hold as a great new medium for documenting projects and practices.


You’re a West End local — where’s your favourite place to get a bite to eat?
Lunch at the West End Coffee house has been a long-time favourite. Chop Chop Chang’s is pretty damn good too!

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