5 MINS WITH… Adam Di Marco, Founder & Managing Director, TheUrbanDeveloper.com

Adam Di Marco is Founder and Managing Director of TheUrbanDeveloper.com – one of Australia’s fastest growing news and information websites for the property and development industry. We asked Adam about how architects and designers can become involved in the conversation.  

TheUrbanDeveloper.com features fresh content daily – what type of stories are you looking for?

We focus on the latest news, opinion, features and research within the property and urban development industry. Our passion and focus is on showcasing the best of the industry. Our entire team of editors, researchers, designers and marketers take a huge amount of pride in creating a better conversation around the way we build the cities of the future.  

How can architects and designers become involved in the conversation?

When we started TheUrbanDeveloper.com, we were focused on bringing the industry closer together. In doing this, we are focused on sharing ideas, opinions and experiences through an open dialogue. The architecture and design community can become involved by contributing content in the form of projects, opinion pieces, interviews and perspective. We also work with businesses to deliver sponsored partnership programmes that bring businesses closer to new clients.

How does
 TheUrbanDeveloper.com differ from other online industry news sites?

We believe we are fundamentally different to the traditional media and news organisations based on the fact that we convey information from the ground up, as opposed to publishing content from the top down. What’s that mean??? It means that our community ARE the editors and publishers, as opposed to journalists or writers. Each member of our editorial team has a background in either property, design or marketing. We believe we ARE the industry, not just write about the industry. And we feel that this is hugely important in the delivery of relevant information. We’re also passionate about showcasing not only the biggest, but also the most thoughtful developments in the industry. This can be anything from a small retail concept to a new technology changing the way we engage with the built environment. As far as I can tell, there’s no other publication in the planet that covers this topic.

Tell us about your event series and why architects and designers should be involved.

As our digital community began to grow, we felt that it was important to physically engage through events. We focus on dynamic and contemporary events (think truly unique venues coupled with highly engaging topics, craft beverages and some music. We want them to be fun! The architecture and design community can become involved by attending and contributing to the experience. We are also ALWAYS looking for interesting speakers and topics to continue the important conversation in our industry. And of course sponsorship!

Where do you see
 TheUrbanDeveloper.com going from here?

Our aim is to become the homepage of the urban development industry in Australia, and then ultimately the world. Urbanisation – and the subsequent challenges presented by this trend – is one of the biggest issues facing humanity over the coming decades. Through a more engaged conversation across the industry, I have no doubt that better built environment outcomes will occur.

I want TheUrbanDeveloper.com to be at the forefront of facilitating this conversation – a one stop digital network bringing together the best and brightest. Stay tuned for new features over the coming months, including a jobs portal, listings, industry directory, research hub, interactive project mapping, and more!

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