Top Publicity Tips for Architects

Top Publicity Tips for Architects 

As the state architecture awards season wraps up, it’s clear that strategic publicity is essential for all leading architectural practices. Successful media and communications help architects stand out in crowded marketplaces and ensure that work keeps coming in the door.

So, what are the essential publicity tips for architects to know? Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. No quick fix

Public relations requires a clear strategy with defined goals. This takes effort and consistency. It is regular and sustained activity that is built upon over time.

2. Know your audience

Do your desired clients know who you are? They should. Sign up to speaker gigs in your area of expertise. Join industry panels. Write opinion pieces in your areas of proficiency. You want to be seen as a leader in your chosen field, be it retail architecture, residential, workplace or so on.

3. Win more work

A good campaign speaks directly to your future clients. Your strategy should target media that falls in the lap of prospective clients. A good media release not only showcases your best work but, with consistent effort, enables your firm to become synonymous with that area of the market.

4. Invest in a good photographer

Every project you undertake should conclude with the investment in an architecture/interiors photographer to capture your design skills at work. Images are stronger than words. Even the strongest stories can be turned down if the images are weak.

5. What editors want:

  • A well-articulated story with fresh thinking or insight
  • A superior suite of images – the more the better, with a mix of horizontal and vertical options
  • The exclusive – first dibs of the story
  • A hook. Timing is everything. Does your story align with an upcoming event? Has your project recently been completed. Old news is just that: Old news. Editors often prefer a pre-event story to a post-event story.

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