Top Tips for Architects’ Social Media Success

Top Tips for Architects’ Social Media Success 

Life online moves fast. To keep pace, you need to share memorable and consistent stories that break through the noise and capture clients’ interest. To help, here are our top 6 social media tips:

  1. Online is a good place to stand out

Pave your own path — before writing stories and sharing images, take time to review your brand’s unique point of difference. Your posts should have a cohesive look and feel that reflects your brand. Ensure your posts remain consistently on message. That way, when your audience is scrolling through their feeds, your practice will be instantly recognisable.

  1. Spend time on the platforms your clients are using

It’s tempting to be on multiple social media platforms to get more eyes on your business. Unfortunately, this strategy is not time or cost effective. Instead, spend targeted time on the platforms that your clients are using. For architects, that’s LinkedIn and Instagram. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with prospects and clients, and to raise your practice profile. Be sure to link with potential clients. Meanwhile, Instagram is a great platform for sharing inspirational photos of projects and gaining followers — fast.

  1. Humanise your brand and start the conversation

When your followers view your business profile, they want to feel the same sense of warmth and familiarity as they would meeting you in person. To help create this atmosphere, always be responsive to queries, actively start conversations and engage with your followers and collaborators. To make this a habit, set a 10-minute timer each day and try to leave 10 genuine comments in that timeframe. By the end of the work week, you’ll have 50 more chances to make multiple new connections and get discovered.

  1. Swap complexity for simplicity

When creating posts, avoid architectural jargon. Instead, be conversational, use language that’s engaging, relatable and designed to invite your readers to ENGAGE with your practice. Social media is not a platform for free advertising. Brands that misuse it in this way often get little traction on their posts and leave a bad impression with their audiences. As a benchmark, ask yourself – what would my audience find relevant and interesting?

  1. Post for new and current followers

Keep in mind, not everyone will be familiar with your business. So regularly include ‘introductory posts’ that highlight the benefits of engaging your practice and to introduce yourself and your team. By showcasing the personality and faces behind your practice, you’ll be helping followers build trust and familiarity with you.

  1. Repurpose and recycle your stories and images

We know that continuously coming up with new posts can feel daunting, so we saved our best tip for last. You can create new posts by repurposing existing information, articles and old posts.

Here’s some ideas to get you started

  • Revive an old but relevant blog article with a fresh title and image
  • Turn past case studies into short videos
  • Create concise and informative posts from common industry Q&As
  • Reintroduce team members with fun facts
  • Post flashbacks to awarded projects or major milestones

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